Medical Assisted Weightloss


As men age, we tend to put on fat in unsightly locations like our mid-sections, upper legs, and chest. Have you tried losing weight on your own but have failed? Alpha Medical can assist in your fat loss goals.

The goal of any weight loss program should be losing fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. Crash diets and caloric restrictions work in losing fat, but also decrease your strength and muscle mass. We strive to help every patient with maintaining and building lean muscle mass while losing the unhealthy fat.

Our Program

The Alpha Medical weight management program starts with comprehensive metabolic and hormonal lab testing. Hormonal deficiencies, such as hypothyroidism or low testosterone, are often to blame for fat gain. These are easily treatable through hormone replacement therapies which will not only aid in fat loss, but in the plethora of added benefits that hormone optimization provides.

In addition to hormone optimization, our program includes phentermine, peptide therapies, growth hormone optimization, and nutritional and exercise counseling.

Our goal is not to just assist you in losing weight, but also to help bring your body back into optimal balance. Losing weight is surprisingly easy, keeping it off and maintaining an optimized body is the hard part! This is where our whole body approach to weight loss comes into play.