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Telemedicine TRT

Concerned that you might have low testosterone?

Did you take the low testosterone quiz and find out that you have the symptoms?

Worried about COVID or having trouble finding a knowledgeable local medical provider for TRT help?

Our telemedicine approach has been developed to give you access to quality testosterone replacement therapy and men’s health services from your home! We are pleased to provide our patients a convenient, efficient, and safe way to obtain medical care.

How It Works


Schedule your lab draw that can be done at a lab near you.

We will contact you after you book to coordinate the lab draw.


After your lab work has been done, we will schedule your initial evaluation.


Complete your initial evaluation via video on your preferred device (such as your phone) or see us in person! You decide.


Testosterone and any additional medications will be shipped directly to your home.

No waiting in long lines at the pharmacy ever again!


Follow up with us over the phone or your preferred device every 2-6 months, depending on your treatment goals, lab values, and tolerance with treatment.


Get back to being yourself again!
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