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“Dedicated to getting men back to being themselves”

Santa Fe

Northern New Mexico's Premier Men's Health and TRT Clinic

Alpha Medical is dedicated to helping men achieve optimal health through total body optimization.

We utilize the most up to date medical treatments to help restore youthful hormonal levels in men of all ages. 

We do this through extensive laboratory evaluation and create individually tailored treatment plans utilizing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), growth hormone optimization, peptide therapies, nutritional and supplemental support, and additional adjunct treatment options if necessary.

Our experienced medical team is here to help you feel and look better!


Do you not feel like yourself? Do you have the following symptoms?

These symptoms are consistent with low testosterone (T).

...find out if you might have Low T:

Medically Managed TRT is Affordable, Simple, Safe, and Convenient at Alpha Medical.

Most men's health clinics charge their patients upwards of $300-500 a month for treatment. Treatment at Alpha Medical is just $150 monthly, which includes EVERYTHING from the visits to the TRT itself.

What are the benefits of TRT?

What do your fellow men say about Alpha Medical and treatment?

(Verify these yourself by Googling “Alpha Medical”)

“Been a patient since March of this year after moving from a men’s clinic in Phoenix. I am a total different person on how I feel.”

~ Berny A.

“This facility has helped me begin the process of getting back to the man that I should be. The staff is professional and very friendly at all times.”

~ Zakary K.

Went from 30 yrs old feeling like I was 50, to my younger self after trusting Alpha Medical .Full of energy, stamina and a sharper mind. Kickass, down to earth physician

~ Brian C.

“Justin and everyone at Alpha Medical are the best. They literally saved my life and got my health back on track. They’re legit. Don’t hesitate to come in and see them.”

~ Ernesto S.

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