About Alpha Medical Santa Fe

Our Mission

Our goal at Alpha Medical is to get men back to being themselves again. As many of you are aware, our society is slowly becoming more demasculinized. It is Alpha Medical’s MISSION to preserve our masculinity through total male optimization, and most importantly, testosterone replacement therapy.

Our environment and society are robbing us of what makes us men: testosterone. We are bombarded by hormone disruptors in our environment on a daily basis. What does this do? It decreases our testosterone levels.

Over the past 60 years, our testosterone levels have decreased significantly. Our great grandfathers had higher testosterone levels naturally than we do today. No wonder obesity, depression, substance abuse, and a variety of other health conditions are so prevalent in our society compared to the past.

Alpha Medical was created to preserve our masculinity through medically managed testosterone replacement therapy. Our like-minded medical team is dedicated to providing each and every one of our patient’s nonjudgmental care and the most advanced and up to date therapies available.

Why We Are Different

Unlike other men’s health and testosterone replacement clinics, Alpha Medical looks at the whole male, not just a handful of labs.

Did you know most men’s health clinics just do a 4-5 labs on their patients before starting treatment? Not us! In those same 2 vials of blood that the other guys do the 5 labs with, we do over a dozen! We want to get the whole picture of your health, not just a few different values.

Additionally, most men’s health clinics provide their patients a cookie cutter, one size fits all testosterone replacement protocol. Alpha Medical is different! We tailor each treatment plan for each male patient we see. We also provide a variety of other services including growth hormone optimization, peptide therapies, weight loss treatment plans, and fertility evaluation and enhancement.

Most importantly though, we value your time and safety. We closely monitor your laboratory values every 2-6 months to watch for rare possible side effects (even though TRT is generally safe!) and we understand your time is valuable! Because of this, we ensure that treatment is convenient and fits into your life! We can follow up with you over the phone to review your lab work and ship medications directly to your home. It has never been this easy!

It would be our honor to become part of your journey to total well-being and health. Cheers!